Hello to the New 2021-2023 In Colors

I am so excited to share the Stampin’ Up! 2021-2023 In Colors with you. These really are my colors. Soft, pretty and so easy to use with a variety of stamp sets. What one is your favorite? I think mine are a toss up between Fresh Freesia and Polished Pink. Although, I can really seeContinue reading “Hello to the New 2021-2023 In Colors”

Blog Posts and Facebook Glitches

Yikes!! If you just received the email with the Jar of Flowers links, the YouTube one is correct, but, boy howdy, I don’t know where that Facebook stream came from or why!! I caught just a few of those videos before I raced back to my laptop to delete, delete, delete!!! I apologize for anyContinue reading “Blog Posts and Facebook Glitches”