This is me today!!

Ha! This is so me today. I was working on organizing my craft room, when I remembered I needed to run the the grocery store. On the way to the grocery store, I thought I should stop at Home Depot for some storage supplies first. This led to the tractor supply store (keep in mind we moved off of our acreage to the desert almost 3 yrs ago…). Although, I did end up purchasing some things, because, how can you leave a tractor supply store without a little something?!!? Those stores have fabulous odds & ends. Then I decided I was hungry, so the hubby and I stopped for lunch (drive-thru and we took it to go, but so nice to eat food I did not prepare!). Oh, and yes, I did finally make it to the grocery store.

What is keeping you bouncing around today? Have a great day, whatever it is!! Colleen

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