My First (attempted) Facebook Live and Mini Pizza Boxes

Sometimes, technology is just not my friend. I attempted my first Facebook “live” today. I was a combination of excited and nervous, and, although there were a few mishaps (misplacing things, the dogs barking, and poor camera placement) I thought it went fairly well. Then…poof…I must have hit the delete button instead of publish andContinue reading “My First (attempted) Facebook Live and Mini Pizza Boxes”

Life Is Beautiful and Vellum

Today’s card features the Life Is Beautiful stamp set. This is a simple stamp set that lends itself to beautiful images. I wanted to try stamping on vellum and love how this turned out. Some things I learned by while stamping on vellum: 1- It bends easily, so be careful moving it around 2- ItContinue reading “Life Is Beautiful and Vellum”