Let’s Spread Lots of Holiday Cheer With Christmas Cards

I think this is the year to send a little bit of extra holiday cheer! I know we all have our favorite holiday recipe and what better time than now to share them. My husband’s favorite are the Chocolate Crinkle cookies. Our four (now adult) daughters all had different favorites, so our baking day was always so much fun and there were SO MANY cookies at the end of the day.

Maybe you have a favorite pie or main dish recipe? I think any special recipe included in your card would be a welcome treat.

I posted (well, shared) via Facebook this idea and was so happy with the amount of friends that wanted to participate in a recipe/ Christmas card exchange. I am really looking forward to seeing what everyone sends.

I’ll be working on my Christmas cards this week and printing out that Chocolate Crinkle cookie recipe. Please let me know what you are working on.

Happy crafting and have a wonderful day! Colleen

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