New In Colors

These fabulous colors will be available to order in early June. That is when the new Stampin’ Up catalog is available.

What is your favorite color? Mine was easy…it is the Terracotta Tile. I love this color for so many reasons, but here are the top two: the first reason is because I love all the colors that you find in the Southwest. I absolutely love the beauty of the desert. The second reason (which maybe should be my first?) is my memories of my sister’s eyeshadow color circa the 1970’s. This was her color. In fact, I believe it was called Terracotta (insert something…I can not remember). My sister wore this color each and every day. Reapplied said shadow multiple times a day. Mo has always been “fashion forward”.

I am looking forward to making many cards with our new colors. Many of which will likely be sent to the above mentioned sister.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted with the new catalog colors and products as the information becomes available. Next week I will be featuring a card from one of the retiring sets “Incredible Like You”. This set is one of my favorites and is still available to order, as supplies last.

Happy Crafting!!

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